In China 19 people were killed when forest fires

В Китае 19 человек погибли при тушении лесного пожара

Local authorities sent to fight the fire about a thousand people and 700 military and 300 firefighters.

In southwest China’s Sichuan province at least 19 people were killed in the suppression of forest fire. Among the victims were 18 firefighters and one employee of the local forestry, Xinhua reported on Tuesday, March 31.

The fire broke out Monday at 15:50 local time (09:50 Kiev time) on a farm near the town of Xichang Liangshan-Eskogo Autonomous district and quickly spread through the surrounding mountains due to strong winds.

Around 02:00 on the night of Monday to Tuesday (20:00 Monday CET) on 18 firefighters and an employee of forestry, formerly their guide, was trapped in the fire, when the wind abruptly changed direction.

It is noted that, in total, to fight the fire sent about 700 military and 300 firefighters.