In China back mutated swine flu

В Китай вернулся мутировавший свиной грипп

Went to China the delegation who, the world could face another pandemic.

Authorities continue to prevent the spread in the country the second wave of the coronavirus, which this time appeared in Beijing. A regime of strict isolation imposed in anxin County of Hebei province, where about 500 thousand people, in connection with new cases of coronavirus. The County, which is located 150 km from Beijing, was placed under heightened supervision after revealing there are 12 cases of coronavirus, 11 of which were associated with the Beijing wholesale market, “Sinhali” – once the epicentre of the spread of infection in the region.

Because of the stringent restrictive measures, only one member of the family, and then only once a day, allowed to leave the house to buy food and medicine. In addition, people can leave home only to receive medical care.

The state Committee of public health of China said that during the day on June 29 in China revealed 24 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Only from mid-June in Beijing revealed more than 300 cases.

The virus was 10 times more contagious than

In parallel, China sent a Special delegation to the world health organization. The mission of the who is going to China to find out why still come from the coronavirus COVID-19. Previously, China did not want to give the who resolution to work. But later caved under pressure from the international community. “We will be able to better fight off the virus, when we know all about him. In particular, and where it occurred”, – explained the Director General of the who tedros adhanom Gebreyesus.

And recent data from studies of coronavirus showed that the current wave of the epidemic is its mutated variant, which is much more dangerous than the original. Experts from the SCRIPPS Research Institute in Florida have found that a mutation called D614G gives the virus a greater number of pointed proteins, used for penetration into human cells and also makes these proteins more stable, thereby facilitating the process of introduction of the virus into cells. As a result, the virus was approximately 10 times more infectious than at the beginning of the pandemic. Scientists have noted that this mutation became dominant strain from COVID-19 in the UK, USA, Canada and Italy.

Chinese scientists claim that the virus was re-imported to China from Europe and manifested itself in Beijing.

In China “woke up” yet, and swine flu

The trouble alone can not walk. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, China has found a new swine flu virus G4. It is very contagious, can multiply in human cells and its appearance threatens a new pandemic.

A new strain of swine flu is a mutation of H1N1, which caused an epidemic in 2009. It was discovered after he had taken about thirty thousand brush strokes in pigs in Chinese slaughterhouses. As a result, to allocate a managed 179 swine flu. Most of them were of the new type.

“Virus has those signs that testify to its ability to infect people”, – concluded scientists from the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases. And immunity, who finds a man, when you get sick seasonal influenza does not protect against the new strain G4.

Scientists are now looking for the answer to the question of whether the virus is transmitted from person to person or it can be transmitted only from animals. “This study is another reminder that in the world there is always the risk of new zoonotic pathogens. The animals on the farms with which people come into contact more closely than with the wild, may well become the source of a pandemic virus,” concluded the head of the Department of veterinary medicine, University of Cambridge James wood.