In China born mice from same-sex couples

To survive and to produce offspring could only mouse born from two females, while the offspring of the males were able to survive only a few days.

В Китае родились мыши от однополой пары

In China have suggested that animals of the same sex can have children, if to use the stem cells and try to edit genes. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have tried to create a mouse offspring from two fathers, but their young could only stay a couple of days. The researchers, whose work was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, was able to obtain offspring from same-sex couples consisting of two females.

One al the authors of the study, Dr. Qi Zhou said that his research team studied in mammals is sexual reproduction. Reach incredible results were possible thanks to the merging of reproductive and regenerative functions. Chinese researchers used haploid embryonic stem cells, in which previously deleted part of the gene. It took to the development of the fetus and after birth began to show genetic anomalies incompatible with life. Despite the fact that reptiles, amphibians and fish can produce offspring from same-sex parents, for mammals, the process is much more complicated, says Qi Zhou. Thanks to the technology of the 210 embryos survived, grew up normal and reproduce only 29 individuals.

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