In China eliminated the production of fake Lego

В Китае ликвидировано производство поддельного Lego

The Chinese authorities have detected a case of fraud on hundreds of millions of yuan. The police put an end to the manufacture of imitations of the famous designer Lego.

Chinese police has exposed manufacturers fake designers Lego. As announced on April 26 the city authorities of Shanghai seized 630 thousand sets in the amount of 200 million yuan (in terms of 26.6 million euros).

During the searches of three storage spaces, produced in the cities of Shantou and Shenzhen in southern China, were seized more than a dozen machines for the production designers, and over 90 of molds for casting. Four people were detained.

According to the authorities, a blow to the counterfeiters were inflicted within six months after the investigating authorities found in the market of pirated products, which is to the detriment of the Danish toy manufacturer sold throughout China under the name of Lepin ten times cheaper than the original Lego sets, and with a very similar design.

Foreign firms already for a long time complain that the Chinese authorities do not fight against piracy. On the same day, when he was searched manufacturers designers Lepin, April 26, Chinese President XI Jinping has promised more efforts to protect copyright.