In China, fan of karaoke was in the hospital with a collapsed lung

В Китае любитель караоке попал в больницу с коллапсом легкого

Resident Chinese Nanchang County had to seek medical help because of his love for karaoke. Passionate singing brought the man to a collapsed lung.

According to South China Morning Post, 65-year-old man surnamed Wang was a fan of such kind of leisure like karaoke. On a free night, Wang went to a place where such as he might unburden himself with singing. Picking up the microphone, the man sang straight from a number of songs.

According to witnesses, Wang sang loudly, with the mood, took the high notes, but at some point the man felt chest pain and difficulty breathing. He felt so badly that he needed hospitalization.

The doctor, who got a karaoke fan, said after inspecting his patient – a collapse lung (pneumothorax). This violation occurs due to the penetration of air into the pleural cavity from the environment due to damage to the integrity of the lung surface

According to the specialist, took treatment of the affected people in China, the cause of the collapse of the lungs in his case was “high blood pressure in the lungs.”

The doctor recommended to fans of song to sing no more than two hours a day.