In China found COVID-19 have flown in from Germany engineer

В Китае обнаружили COVID-19 у прилетевшего из Германии инженера

The flight from Frankfurt to Tianjin was the first in the program to return to China specialists of the German firms.

In China found infected with coronavirus, one of the employees of German companies who have returned to this country from Germany.

Infected was 34-year-old engineer, who, like the other 179 passengers on a Charter flight of airline Lufthansa, was tested for coronavirus twice before landing in Frankfurt-on-main and immediately after arrival in Tianjin.

The first test was the engineer of the negative and the second positive. Symptoms of coronavirus have not been found, nevertheless the infected taken to the hospital. All passengers of the flight on arrival was sent to a hotel in Tianjin. There they have to spend a two-week quarantine.

The head of the German-Chinese chamber of Commerce Jens Hildebrandt confirmed identification of SARS-CoV-2 one of the passengers of the flight.

According to him, infection could occur during flight, and long before him. There will be a third test, after which it is expected a decision on further action.

Charter flight to Tianjin was the first in the program to return from Germany to China working and living there, employees of German companies and members of their families. The next flight in the programme from Frankfurt to Shanghai is scheduled for June 3.

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