In China, I believe that cooperation with the United States the only correct choice

В Китае считают сотрудничество с США единственно правильным выбором

Cooperation is the only correct choice for the United States and China, the confrontation can only hurt both sides, according to a published by the PRC state Council White paper on the position of China on trade and economic consultations, Trend reports.

“From the struggle between the U.S. and China will hurt both sides, cooperation is the only right choice. The Chinese side is ready through cooperation to solve the existing trade contradictions and disputes, promote mutually beneficial cooperation”, – the document says.

The Chinese side also noted that the U.S. imposed high duties on Chinese goods will not help to solve the problem, China was forced to retaliate to protect their legitimate interests.

The latest round of U.S.-Chinese trade talks ended in mid-may, to no avail against the backdrop of another increase in U.S. duties on Chinese goods. The United States raised the duty from 10% to 25% on Chinese imports totaling about $ 200 billion.

The President of the United States Donald trump also instructed to begin the process of raising taxes for the rest of the imports from China, which is estimated at $ 300 billion. In response, Beijing from June 1 to raise duties on imports from the US amount of 60 billion dollars.