In China, the little boy started to be the car that killed his mother. Video

В Китае маленький мальчик начал быть машину, которая сбила его маму. Видео

The network is gaining popularity video, which shows how a Chinese boy gets a car with your feet.

The child reacted the way he did due to the fact that the car was hit by his mother at the crosswalk in Chongqing, reports “24”.

The footage shows that the child was very angry and shocked by this act of the driver. However, he first checked if all was okay with his mom, and after I saw that a woman has no serious injuries, he hit his foot on the hood of the car.

Then the boy began to yell at the driver of the car. Subsequently, the man approached the traumatized woman to make sure she was okay. Later, the Chinese woman was taken to the hospital, and the police found that the accident blame the driver.