In China, the pound has learned to recognize the faces of guests

В Китае кошачий приют научился распознавать мордочки постояльцев

Not every owner of the electronic device has the opportunity. Chinese engineer Wang si decided otherwise.

He built China’s own cat’s mini-shelter. The place is remarkable that can recognize the faces of their guests.

At first the man just decided to provide homeless animals a place to survive winter. There he wanted to provide them food and a warm bed. He then decided to go ahead.

He designed at the cat shelter door with automatic opening at the approach of guests.

Then he scored a deployment of “smart” video cameras. They are able to check the health of arriving at the animal shelter. If those “something is wrong”, the information immediately goes to the volunteers on their electronic devices.

According to the information received, in “cat’s house” already mentioned the emergence of more than 170 instances of “tailed”. Apparently, they appreciated created for them here and comfort.

All of this creates for them, the van remotely, via your smartphone. Constant temperature in the boarding house for cats maintained at around + 27 degrees.

The system of “recognition of faces” confidently identificeret 174 cats that appear in the shelter more often than others.