In China, unknown assailants blew up a police station and died on the spot

В Китае неизвестный подорвал полицейский участок и скончался на месте

Unidentified man detonated a homemade bomb to a police station in China. About this incident reports the South China Morning Times.

It is noted that the incident took place in Shenyang, which is located in the North-Eastern part of China.

We also know that the man detonated the bomb on the ground floor of the building.

As a result of the explosion, the attacker died on the spot. Two policemen and a passerby were taken to the nearest hospital. Their condition is stable.

At the moment it is unknown what caused the attack. Public security organs in China are investigating the incident.

Video from an explosion at a Shenyang traffic police station this afternoon – modernleifeng (@modernleifeng) March 28, 2019.