In China will start to monitor the cleanliness of the air in the cars

В Китае начнут следить за чистотой воздуха в машинах

The purpose of innovation is to protect the health of the Chinese motorists.

In China, develop regulations, which must comply with the air in the interior of the car sold in the country. Experts suggest that the new rules will lead to a spike in the cost of import on the largest car market in the world.

The standards will cost automakers who will have to carefully monitor the quality of the components and to choose more expensive finishing materials.

Check the cleanliness of the air in the car will be after a few hours he will stand with closed doors and Windows, according to Reuters, citing a source in one of the Chinese organizations for the protection of the environment. In the course of inspection specialists measure the content of formaldehyde and benzene, as well as the level of electromagnetic radiation, which is markedly increased in modern cars are crammed with electronics.

In 2011, China had already developed guidance on air quality for vehicles, but still they were Advisory in nature.

Last spring, the Chinese company Geely has released the crossover Icon with an innovative air filtration system. The manufacturer said that the system is able to protect the passengers from bacteria and viruses. On the background of the pandemic the demand for “anti-virus” SUV exceeded expectations: during the first day were collected more than 30 thousand pre-orders.