In China with the help of genetic technology has created a blue rose

Genetically modified blue roses were created by scientists from Tianjin University and Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of China.

В Китае с помощью генных технологий создали синие розы

The task of breeding a blue rose could not solve for a very long time breeders fought over it for centuries. But to solve the problem by breeding was impossible because the genes for the production of blue pigment in roses no.

Chinese geneticists have created bacteria that can create in the flowers of rose with genes that produce a blue pigment. These engineered bacteria was introduced in petals of white.

Thus, the bacteria can change the color of living organisms, as scientists have proved.

For the first time using gene technology blue roses were produced in Japan in 2004. The Japanese introduced in the genes of the rose flower genes of pansies.

A Japanese company has achieved success and has found a winning formula blue rose, Suntory, is also a major distiller of whiskey. It is logical that they also engaged in rich floral business.

If flowers don’t work, the drinks will definitely be a hit.

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