In clashes with police during anti-government protests in Romania has suffered more than 435 people – 24 Channel

У сутичках із поліцією під час антиурядових протестів у Румунії постраждало понад 435 людей - 24 Канал

For a dispersal of anti-government rally in Bucharest for medical assistance to more than 435 people, 45 of them were hospitalized.

This is with reference to Romanian media reports.

In General, the protests in the Romanian capital was about 200 thousand people.

We will add that on August 10 in Bucharest held a rally against the country’s ruling coalition headed by the Social democratic party. People came not only from other regions of the country, but also from other European countries – in particular Norway, the Netherlands and Spain to take part in it.

Protesters at the rally voiced their demands, chief of which is not to undermine the foundations of an independent judiciary and not allow the government to people who have a criminal past. They also demand the government’s resignation and early parliamentary elections.


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