In court, where he chose a measure of restraint to detained zhmerinsky, sprayed gas

В суде, где избирали меру пресечения жмеринским задержанным, распылили газ

Officers of the court guards on Saturday prevented a disruption of meetings Vinnitsa city court on election of a measure of restraint for 22 individuals detained during clashes in the room Zhmerinskogo city Council.

About this UKRINFORM reported in the press service of the SSO.

“The court building has gathered about 50 people, including representatives of public organizations “national building” and “National teams”. With the purpose of prevention of provocations of the Pro-execution in the court room are forbidden and public dangerous goods officers of the court took under careful control of the passage in the court building all visitors. At the same time at 10.20 by a group of radical individuals attempt a passage in a courtroom without proper inspection. Employees of the MTR has prevented this, with the result that there was a fight during which unknown sprayed tear gas and irritant. Unknown persons was supplanted by the officers and left the court room,” reads the message.

Now the court session continues. Employees of the MTR allowed in the courtroom only those persons entered judicial bailiffs in the respective lists. Before courtrooms are serving outfits Service. The atmosphere around Vinnitsa city court is under the full control of the staff of Territorial administration of the service of judicial protection in the Vinnitsa region.

As reported, on Thursday, 27 February, in Sochi about 30 young men in masks stormed the administrative building of the local government, used firecrackers, sprayed gas, and a fight with deputies of the city Council and attacked the police. As of the morning of February 28 in the hospital turned 10 policemen, 4 of them were hospitalized.

Police arrested 22 offenders, among them two leaders of public associations “Edelweiss” and “National guards” as well as two deputies and employee of the city Council. All detained for illegal actions in the room Zhmerinskogo city Council, the use of physical force against the police and members of the city Council declared a suspect under part 4 of article 296 of the criminal code (hooliganism).

The police and city Council have suggested that the cause of the incident was consideration by the city Council of the issue of no confidence to the acting mayor and that organized the rally opponents of the current head of the city.