In Crimea held a phytomonitoring of winter wheat

В Крыму провели фитомониторинг посевов озимой пшеницы

In 2020, the phytomonitoring conducted on the area 18,27 thousand hectares. This was reported in the branch of “rosselhozcenter” in the Republic of Crimea.

In nine districts of the Peninsula on the winter wheat grain revealed the larvae of ground beetles – populated 3,13 thousand hectares, the average pest population density was 0.7 larvae per square meter. This number of larvae is not dangerous – it’s below the economic threshold, which is 1 larva/sq. m.

Note, a dry autumn was unfavorable for oviposition bread ground beetles, the larvae of the phytophage was observed only at the end of October 2019, almost a month later indicators of 2018. Currently, there is a phase active power of the larvae.

The whole area of winter wheat, where they found the larvae treated with special drugs.

The specialists of the branch of “rosselhozcenter” in the Republic of Crimea to prevent mass reproduction of the pest is recommended to heads of households continuing the survey of the crops and in case of detection of the pest population exceeding the economic threshold, to hold protective events preparations, permitted for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.