In Crimea, opened the season of sheep-shearing, – Rumson

В Крыму открыт сезон стрижки овец, - Рюмшин

The sheep enterprises of the Republic of astrogeny the first 100 tons of wool, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan.

– Sheep-breeding enterprises of the Republic of astrogeny the first 100 tons of wool. Last year Crimean agrarians got more than 500 tons of wool. This year there is an increase of sheep by 4%, so I am sure that will be improved after last year’s season haircuts. Growth in the production of fine wool in the Republic contributes to the provision of subsidies: Ministry of agriculture of the Crimea will begin accepting applications for the state support of this activity, 6 July 2020, – noted Vice-the Prime Minister – the Minister of agriculture of Crimea Andrey Ryumshin.

Andrey Ryumshin also stressed that in households of the Republic today there are more than 119 thousand heads of sheep and goats, of which 55 thousand is the breeding stock.

On the territory of the Republic operates the only breeding farm engaged in breeding tsigay breed of sheep, LLC “southern Crimean Sheep”. In the enterprise there are more than 4,000 head of sheep, of which breeding stock – 1800 heads.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea explained that the state support is provided to development of the region and welfare of the Republic the main types of livestock products and processed products, enhance competitiveness of agricultural products on domestic and foreign markets, ensuring food security in the region, growth of income of agricultural producers on the territory of the Republic of Crimea.

In accordance with the Ministry of agriculture of the RK procedure provides state support to agricultural producers engaged in the production of wool at the rate of 40 rubles per 1 kg of sold semi-fine or fine wool, but not more than 80% of the costs incurred in the production of wool, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

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