In Croatia, the Museum was opened hangover

In the Croatian capital Zagreb opened the first Museum in the world hangover.

It contains real stories of people who don’t remember spent the night after a wild party, according to 34travel.

The idea of creating the Museum came from students of Reno and Roberta Dubocovich Mikelic after the story of the other. One morning he found in the pocket of a Cycling pedal. How it got there, the guy doesn’t know the amount of alcohol consumed was too large.

“I thought, listening to him, why not create a place, a Museum with a collection of these objects and stories. They are a fun way to illustrate these nights of drinking and a hangover the next day,” said Reno Dubocovich.

The famous pedal was placed in a prominent place after opening, and next to it was a road sign, a ladder, a pot and other unexpected items.

Now the creators of the Museum of the hangover gather stories around the world. Share them on our website or in Facebook. Authors of best stories will get a chance to get in there for free.

Go to the Museum without an entrance ticket will be able and those who are good at playing Darts. However, while it was possible to nobody. Before the game, the visitors should enjoy a glass of local brandy and glasses that create the effect of intoxication.

The Museum is open every day from 11:00 to 23:00, weekends are planned just for Christmas and the New year. The standard ticket can be bought for 4 euros, students entry will cost 3.5 euros.

While the Museum of hangover is focused only on entertainment but later on, the creators promise to focus on the dangers of alcohol use.