“In Davos, talked about the economy, but not the President

"В Давосе говорили об экономике, но не Президент

Political commentator Michael Chaplyga spoke about his impression of the speeches of Ukrainian politicians at the forum in Davos. In the broadcast on Ukrainian television he has expressed outrage that instead of talking about the economy, many of our politicians are having conversations about promoting and Tomos, write “news”.

On his page on “Facebook” it is more in detail to understand the topic. “Vadim Novinsky first quoted Merkel “Compromise is the fruit of crucial decisions of the responsible politicians”, and then said: “our politicians should be responsible to their country. I would recommend Petro Poroshenko not to nominate his candidacy for President, because he had not fulfilled any of his campaign promises: war in Donbas is not over, and the Ukrainians if they live differently, that is much worse than before he was elected President. He apologized that he could not realize the promise, but the European experience suggests that after the apology he had to resign. And the President never did.”

Chaplyga still agreed that in Davos about the economy talking, but not Poroshenko. “No offense, but as it turned out, about the economy they say… but not Poroshenko.” Novinsky and again quoted: “unfortunately, Ukraine has stopped at the stage of the third industrial revolution, which roughly corresponds to the 70-th years of the last century. We’re not moving and not growing, our economy is stagnating, and the government reports about its alleged growth – unfortunately, no more than a manipulation of statistics. But no one in the world will not wait. Investment in Ukraine will only come after we finish the war and start to build a state of law”.