In defense of the Hambach forest

В защиту леса Хамбах

Several thousand people protested on Sunday in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia against the logging of ancient forest Hambach. The police provides data about 4 thousands of protesters – organizers say about 5-9 thousand.

Protesters were not allowed in the forest, they could only be collected in the surrounding area. Many brought with them seedlings to plant them in already deforested areas. They demanded not only to stop deforestation, but to abandon coal-fired power plants:

We are against coal mining. To so electricity is the most harmful way. From it emits the most carbon dioxide. Today we are planting more trees to restore and expand the forest, not destroy it.”

Energy company power Plant North Rhine-Westfalia (RWE) plans this fall to cut down a significant part of the Hambach forest to produce more lignite. Its supply depends on 15% of the electricity demand in the region is required including for the here plants for processing of oil. But for environmentalists, the forest is protection from climate change. Activists staged themselves in the trees hiding and not coming down. The police eliminated 18 out of 50 of these “tree houses” , the rest continue resistance around 180 people.

Organization for the protection of the environment need to stop cutting down the forest Hambach pending the decision of the special Commission. The German magazine “Spiegel” writes about the compromise proposal to close the coal plants gradually to 2035-2038. But the energy company RWE disagree.

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