In Direct will be a free calls Analytics on ads

В Директе появится бесплатная аналитика звонков по рекламным объявлениям

The decision focused primarily on small businesses and will be available to all advertisers by the end of summer.

Customers Of Yandex.Direct can get Analytics on calls for different advertising campaigns at no additional charge – new feature is already being tested in a closed beta until the end of summer will be available to all advertisers.

In order to begin to collect Direct statistics on the calls you will need:

1. Add to Direct the organization of the Directory and get it to the right of the representative or owner.

2. Next, when creating or editing your ads in Yandex. Direct in the settings to select the phone number to collect statistics issued by Yandex. This number can be used in different campaigns and get statistics on each ad.

“To gather Analytics on calls from ads, you can now – with the help Yandex.Telephony or, for example, third-party calltracking. Our decision Analytics calls is easy and affordable. It is focused primarily on small business. We know that for many small companies calls one of the most important signals that advertising works. To advertising was the most useful and was worth the money, we recommend you to collect statistics on the call and to configure it for optimization in their advertising campaigns”.

Yandex. Direct continues to develop its platform for small businesses. Previously, Yandex has already started to test a pay per conversion, and most recently in Direct have the opportunity to add different phone numbers to ads and to collect statistics on clicks to these numbers. Along with free Analytics calls is becoming more predictable for advertisers.