In Dnipropetrovsk, the inhabitants of the village Yelyzavetivka going to sue the SBU

На Днепропетровщине жители села Елизаветовка собираются судиться с СБУ

The presidential majority in the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law under which debtors for the duration of the quarantine cannot be disconnected from gas and light. But the decision of the command President Vladimir Zelensky ignored in the Dnipropetrovsk region: silent law enforcement bodies, the regional Council and regional administration. If by Monday in Yelyzavetivka there is no gas, people will go to Kiev to the President’s Office.

“Indeed, we are again left without gas at the acquiescence of the regional and district authorities and law enforcement agencies of Dnipropetrovsk region, – said Maxim Golosnoy. To this situation, I joined just two days ago, when he received the power of attorney on representation of interests of the territorial community and local self-government in all public authorities. After receiving this power of attorney I came to the editor of the Informant and held a press conference about what is happening in Yelyzavetivka”.

“What is happening today? We promise to connect natural gas, but the ultimate condition of the obligatory signing of contracts with “Cyprus offshore companies”, – said Maxim Golosnoy. By the very same companies that we had in 2016. Representatives of gas companies do not care at all: the laws that are in turbo mode takes ze-a team that is not allowed to disconnect during the quarantine for the debts of gas or electricity.”

After held a press conference almost immediately promised to connect natural gas, but a promise fulfilled in part: connected the several parts of the village, ostensibly to check the pressure. But a large part of the village still sits without gas. “In the village hall a huge queue of those who are forced to sign contracts with unknown “Cyprus offshore companies”, – said the representative of Elizavetovca. – Before to conclude the contract, people are given a payment order based on the number of gas appliances. If you are retired and you have a gas boiler and stove, you have to pay about 1 thousand 200 UAH and unclear what is not clear to whom. Only after will bring confirmation of payment, you rasprobyvat and give gas. Such promises today give the representatives of the Cyprus offshore companies”.

According to Maxim Golosnoy, no free market with a choice of gas supplier in Ukraine today is in fact not. “I have this situation called a constitutional default, which is already happening now” – said the representative of Elizavetovca.

If by Monday in Yelyzavetivka there is no gas, people will go to Kiev to the President’s Office, NKREKP, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities and the Antimonopoly Committee and the GPU. “I do not exclude that in the near future, in the case of non-resumption of gas supply Elizavetovskogo the village Council will submit the claim to law enforcement authorities for their inaction,” said Maxim Golosnoy.

Near village Elizavetovca already has successful experience of lawsuits with the gasman. We will be watching to see how events will unfold and the news will tell.

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