In Donetsk, terrorists kidnapped the wife of a citizen of Spain: all the details

В Донецке террористы похитили жену гражданина Испании: все подробности

On the evening of 3 June in the occupied Donetsk terrorists “DND” stole the wife of Spanish citizen Eugene Yepes-Venies.

As reported in Facebook journalist Denis Kazan, in origin, it donchanka, back in the ‘ 90s to relocate to Spain, but in Donetsk it remained flat.

“Shortly before the introduction of quarantine Eugene came to Donetsk, but to go back failed due to the closure of the demarcation line. A week ago, the militants “DNR” hung around downtown a Russian flag and one tricolor without permission hung on the balcony of Eugene. Female flag removed, since the permission of his did not give. And the next day it was broken into by armed men and taken with them”, – he said.

According to Kazan, the location of the woman is unknown at this time.

The journalist contacted the husband of Eugenia, who shared details of the incident.

“She called me and said that people want to enter the apartment. She said it was, apparently, due to the flag: “I took the flag that they hung on the balcony.” They threatened her that he will break the door if it will not open,” said the husband.

According to him, the wife opened the door, and a few minutes with her I lost contact.

“Then I tried several times to call both her phone is off… the Neighbors said it was 6 or 7 people from the so-called “Ministry of security to DND,” said the man.

The neighbors assert that the night Eugene escorted back to the apartment for my things. While one of the accompanying men said that it is now under investigation.