In Dubai, the man on the jetpack soared to a height of 1500 meters (video)

В Дубае мужчина на реактивном ранце взлетел на высоту 1500 метров (видео)

Just eight seconds after take-off, the Frenchman Vince Reffet climbed to 100 meters high. The man flew over Dubai at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour, using a jet pack. Like the footage from a Hollywood blockbuster, French skydiver Vince Reffet sharply rose to a height of 1500 meters, and then fell to the ground on a parachute, according to “Around the world”.

The reffet started with the Skydive Dubai site on the coast of the UAE. His satchel “Jet Wing” was developed by Jetman Dubai, aiming to achieve fully Autonomous flight jet pack this year.

“There is a height range where people can’t fly autonomously, according to the website of the company. It’s called “gray zone”. In 2020, it will disappear.”

For a few moments hovering above the surface of the water, Vince Reffet waved to the audience, closed his helmet and began to pick up speed. Just eight seconds after takeoff, he climbed to 100 meters high.

In 12 seconds he reached a height of 200 meters in 19 seconds – 500 meters. Half a minute later Reffet has soared to 1000 meters with an average speed of 240 km per hour.

He went to the neighborhood of Jumeirah Beach Residence on the coast of Dubai. At the end of this three-minute flight, at an altitude of 1800 meters Reffet made a loop. Then, after 300 meters, he opened his parachute and landed back at Skydive Dubai.