In Dzhankoy twice reduced due to opening of the kindergarten

В Джанкое в два раза сократили очередь благодаря открытию детского сада

Kindergarten №3 “birch” in Sochi opened today, despite delays in construction. About it, participating in the opening ceremony in the format of a videoconference, said the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. Photo: Natalia Somova.

Good event today, we are opening today, children’s preschool educational institution in the city of Dzhankoy, a kindergarten №3 “the birch”. You know what you’ve been waiting for this kindergarten a very long time, there have been delays in construction, but for us the opening of kindergartens is one of the main tasks of bodies of national and municipal authorities, – said Sergey Aksenov.

In turn, the head of the city administration of Dzhankoy Eduard Selivanov reported:

Is the first major children’s garden, built starting in 1985. And the second kindergarten, which we are launching this year. Institution has great social significance for our city (…). Almost half reduces the current queue, which now stands at 411 guys. The total of all we have 840 people. Thus we have 190 children, whom we hope soon also to define in a kindergarten.

Selivanov also said that “the municipal authority and put its own efforts” and invested more than $ 14.5 million in the construction of the kindergarten, “by also and white goods, and office equipment, and much more.”

According to the Minister of construction and architecture of the Republic of Crimea Mikhail Khramov, the construction of a kindergarten in Dzhankoy for 220 cost Crimea 182 million rubles:

– Construction 100% complete, conducted by a working Committee, and all comments the working Committee eliminated. Total area of 3170 square meters. The object is provided with all engineering networks and systems, summed up the Temples.