In Egypt, a complete new capital

В Египте достраивают новую столицу

The Egyptian government unveiled a plan to transfer 51 thousand government officials from Cairo to new administrative capital, which is being built in 49 kilometers to the East from the present. This writes Egypt Independent.

Work on the construction of new administrative capital began in 2017, at the initiative of President Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi. The purpose of this project was the desire of the authorities to decongest Cairo, whose population exceeds 19 million people.

The name for the new administrative centre had not yet been invented. It is already known that its construction cost 130 billion Egyptian pounds, or 7.4 billion dollars.

Moving from Cairo members of Parliament, as well as 31 employees of the Ministry and other government departments will begin in 2020 and will be implemented in two phases, has already drawn up the order of relocation of different departments.

But first, all the officials will be retrained and pass the exams on the knowledge of information technology and the English language, and also skills of work with computer, since the circulation of paper after moving will be eliminated.

В Египте достраивают новую столицу