In Egypt blew up a passenger train: dozens of people were burned alive, and the transport Minister resigned

Passenger train at high speed crashed into a metal structure of the platform and exploded in Cairo. Killed at least 25 people, about 50 people were injured. This was reported by Aljazeera.

At the main train station Cairo train derailed and collided with a concrete wall, resulting in the outbreak of large-scale fire. According to media reports, signs of intentional loss.

Now to the crash site attracts fire and ambulance. A lot of people burned alive, survivors are trying to help them.

Rescuers carry out the evacuation of passengers from the station. Also stop the movement of trains as the fire spreads and the station itself.

Egyptian media called the cause of the explosion: blew up the fuel tank of a train during a collision. Now the question remains, why the train arrived at the platform at a considerable speed and what I was doing at this moment the driver.

The authorities promised to find and punish the perpetrators.

At the same time, as reported by Reuters, after a fire in the train, the transport Minister of Egypt Hisham Arafat resigned.

“Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli accepted the resignation of Hisham Arafat,” the statement reads.