In Egypt passes a referendum about expansion of powers of the President

В Египте проходит референдум о расширении полномочий президента

In Egypt Saturday, April 20, began a three-day referendum on expanding the powers of President field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. More than 60 million voters asked to Express their attitude to the planned amendments to the Constitution, which, among other things, will allow al-Sisi to remain in power until 2030, reports.

A positive outcome of the referendum is not in doubt, what matters is voter turnout. Human rights activists and observers do not expect a free vote and prevent a further deterioration of the situation with human rights in Egypt.

The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that the proposed constitutional amendment will only hasten the dismantling of the independence of the judiciary and would give the military even more right to intervene in political life. Critics of the reforms recently have been a lot of pressure.