In England a few spooky UFO staged a light show for earthlings

In England in the town of Shaftesbury multiple bright UFO shocked the local residents. The witnesses managed to capture on video the mystical light show, which allegedly was organized by the aliens.

В Англии несколько жутких НЛО устроили световое шоу для землян

It became known that the September 15, 2018 residents of the Shaftesbury saw in the sky two unusual fire, who immediately took for UFOs. After that eerie objects in the sky began to move in a chaotic manner and create for humans a light show. Eyewitnesses were horrified when I could not believe my eyes.

Ufologists have claimed that this is not the first time the aliens make a similar illusion in the sky. In 2017 hunters UFO recorded such “show” in the skies over Riga.

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