In England found an unknown manuscript of Merlin

В Англии нашли неизвестную рукопись о Мерлине

Employees of the University of Bristol (UK) made the accidental discovery in a private library. Among the books of the XVI century, they found seven pages unknown medieval manuscripts of the wizard Merlin – one of the most famous characters of the legends of king Arthur.

According to experts, the discovered fragments of text related to the cycle of “Lancelot-Grail” – anonymous cycle of romances of chivalry in prose on the theme of the Arthurian legends that were created in the beginning of the XIII century. It is believed that this cycle could later use Thomas Malory (1415-1471) when creating books about king Arthur, which later became a source of inspiration for generations of writers.

Scientists only began to study the manuscript, but it is clear that its content differs significantly from the earlier texts about Merlin. Some of the events and describe this in more detail. Scientists hope to find out the history of the document. In particular, they are interested in how the manuscript came into the book with the works of medieval French theologian Jean Gerson (Jean Gerson), printed in Strasbourg between 1494 and 1502 years. It is not excluded that inspired the modern scientists, the discovery was once used as a material for binding.