In Europe is creating a health passport COVID-19 based on the blockchain

В Европе создают паспорт здоровья COVID-19 на основе блокчейна

Two French and one Estonian company developing a system on the blockchain that will allow you to track the number ill by the coronavirus of people and the level of immunity while protecting the privacy of citizens, according to

The system will load the test results on the coronavirus. If a patient has the disease, the test result will have a timestamp, so it cannot be falsified, and updated in real-time.

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The system will work on the blockchain KSI developed by the Estonian firm Guardtime.

Specializing in security, the Swiss company SICPA and French medical platform OpenHealth, which keeps a database of 20 million citizens of the country, also working on the project.

“Blockchain KSI would have prevented fraud, and data on the health status of these certificates will be used by the OpenHealth platform for crisis management, following the model of pandemic influenza,” – said SICPA in a press release.

In the chamber of Commerce want to deploy a nationwide Wi-Fi network on the blockchain

To register in the system only need a smartphone or computer. All personal data will be anonymous. As stated by SICPA, the system lacks a Central database which keeps records of patients.

В Европе создают паспорт здоровья COVID-19 на основе блокчейна