In Europe the individual language servers for Classic WoW will be only in Russia. The Germans were upset particularly strong

В Европе отдельные языковые серверы для WoW Classic будут только у России. Немцы расстроились особенно сильно

On the official forums Blizzard Entertainment has decided to tell how to construct the linguistic divide in World of Warcraft Classic in Europe. Namely, does: all servers will be shared. The only one exception – Russia.

Says Blizzard, the decision not to split the European servers by language has its advantages and disadvantages. But in General, the developers believe that this will be a great starting point for Classic. It is assumed that the players will communicate with each other in English.

Russian-speaking gamers have identified their realms for purely technical reasons: for the Cyrillic alphabet and related features of World of Warcraft requires a separate client – so it was led since the add-on The Burning Crusade. While forcible reservations will not: if desired, players can go to the European servers, if you download the international client.

Servers World of Warcraft Classic will be divided according to purpose – for PvP, PvE and role-playing games.

Forums have raised a howl: the players dissatisfied with the decision of Blizzard. Judging by salibandy comments, all is reduced to banal desire to communicate in their native language. For example, if a gamer plays on the French localization, he will be able to inform the partners of any of the mobs killed for the quest because you don’t know their names in English. Another very likely scenario – chat for trading, where people in different languages will be called the same thing as a hit.

Many players believe that the worlds Classic in the end still divided by language, just unofficially. Some have already started to coordinate actions and to make plans for capturing language specific servers. In addition, the worlds will be full of guilds in the spirit of “Only Germans” or “French Only”, users write. But if Blizzard still introduced a formal division of languages, then, they say, this chaos would not have happened.

Especially upset users are from Germany. In English discussion of the constantly flashing message in German with lots of likes, and the German branch of the forum in the relevant topic gained more than 11 700 reviews in four days. For comparison, the same theme is in English stuffed 3 500 reviews, French – 611 review, Russian – 301 review (data at the time of writing the news).

В Европе отдельные языковые серверы для WoW Classic будут только у России. Немцы расстроились особенно сильно