In Evpatoria motorcyclists drive drunk and without a license

В Евпатории мотоциклисты ездят пьяными и без прав

Within one day the police caught two driver motor vehicle without a license, one of them was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. This was reported by the press service of the MIA for the Republic of Crimea.

So, the traffic police have noted an increase in the number of motorcycles on the roads with the onset of heat, therefore in Evpatoria began to pay close attention to inspections of drivers of motor-transport with the purpose of prevention of accidents.

Since may 13, 2020 in the street was stopped by two of mopedists.

One of them present signs of intoxication. When conducting a medical examination had revealed the concentration of alcohol in the blood of 1.71 mg/l at a rate of 0.16 mg/L.

During the inspection of the driver databases of the traffic police was established in October of 2019, he was already brought to administrative responsibility for management of a moped under the influence, and driver’s license never received. Now the driver faces criminal liability.

The second driver of the moped was also driving a vehicle not having right of management. Against him by the police was made the administrative Protocol on h 1 tbsp. 12.7 KoAP of the Russian Federation. The penalty for such violation ranges from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

Both vehicles were taken to the impound lot.

We will remind, on may 9, 2020 at about 00:20 hours the driver of the motorcycle BMW, carry out the movement to strengthen the side of the highway Simferopol-Evpatoria from Evpatoria in the direction of Saki, near the stele “Evpatoria” made arrival on the standing car “VAZ 21063”. In result of road accident the driver of the motorcycle died at the scene.

В Евпатории мотоциклисты ездят пьяными и без прав