In exchange dollar is worth more than 28 UAH. What will be the course March 18

Доллар в обменниках стоит уже больше 28 грн. Каким будет курс 18 марта

The American currency will continue its rapid growth.

The official exchange rate on Wednesday, March 18, set by national Bank at the level 27,0566 UAH/$, which is 54 kopecks higher than today’s rate.

According to forecasts of bankers, in Wednesday trading on the interbank market will be held in the range of 26.90-27,10 UAH/$.

Rate on the interbank market

On Tuesday the interbank currency market opened at the level 26,99-27,00 UAH/$.

Further quotes showed multidirectional movement: the growth of up to day high 27,12-of 27.15 with subsequent correction to 26.90-27,05 UAH/$ by the end of trading.

Reference rate as of 12:00 was 27,0317 UAH/$.

The remains of banks at correspondent accounts with the NBU decreased by UAH 3.7 billion and 47.9 billion.

“The preponderance of demand over supply remained heated as the extension of the list antiepidemics restrictive measures, and anticipatory dynamics, and the wider spread to the cash market, which led to the capture of the interbank another height 27. Controller without auction, but has repeatedly sold foreign currency in the regime of interventions, starting from 26.99 and reaching of 27.15, after which the degree of demand has declined, and behind him dipped, and quotes”, – told Director of Treasury Bank Credit Dnepr Oleg Kurinnoy.

In exchange rate

The U.S. currency continues its rapid growth and in exchange offices.

March 17 the cash market opened with quotations 27,50-28,10, and by mid-day they are increased to 27.80-28,20 UAH/$. Some of the exchange value of the dollar has crept close to 29 UAH.

The rate on the black market

  • USD 28,100/28,586;
  • EUR 30,673/31,311;
  • RUB 0,360/0,372.

Stock markets

The Euro against the U.S. dollar on the international currency market Forex on Tuesday, March 17, decreased from the previous fixing by 1.9% to 1,0966 dollar.

In the global stock markets celebrated multidirectional dynamics of the major stock market indices, experts say.

Investors after the largest in the history of the collapse of the American indexes in the area of the lows from 2017, trying to find a bottom and at least stabilize the situation, not to mention a correction up.

“The macroeconomic data from the US – controversial. In February retail sales in the country declined month-on-month to January by 0.5%, while it was expected growth of 0.1%. The industrial production in the U.S. last month rose 0.6% month-on-month in December, increasing only 0.4%”, – told head of Department of Analytics GK Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

US stocks in early trading session, rising 0.3% and 1.5%. Western European stock indexes evening decline by 0.1-0.6 percent to the previous close.

European investors play a macroeconomic negative.

“In addition to Germany’s weak performance in March showed the index of economic expectations in the Eurozone. The index has fallen to minus 49.5 points against February’s 10.4 point”, – said the Shevchishin.

Доллар в обменниках стоит уже больше 28 грн. Каким будет курс 18 марта

Доллар в обменниках стоит уже больше 28 грн. Каким будет курс 18 марта

Доллар в обменниках стоит уже больше 28 грн. Каким будет курс 18 марта