In exchange for nuclear weapons: the United States learned that Moscow is secretly trying to persuade the DPRK

В обмен на ядерное оружие: в США узнали, на что Москва тайно уговаривает КНДР

In Russia expect that North Korea will abandon its nuclear and ballistic weapons. For this, Moscow is the country to place nuclear power on its territory.

Russia proposed this?? the idea in October 2018, but U.S. intelligence learned about it only a few months, writes the Washington Post.

The “secret proposal” of Moscow was sent?? to resolve deadlocked negotiations with the administration trump’s nuclear weapons program.

In exchange for the elimination of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, Moscow has offered the country a nuclear power station

the message reads

So, under the agreement, the Korean government was supposed to operate the plant and to pass all by-products and waste back to Russia. Thus, Moscow wanted to reduce the risk that North Korea will use the power?? to build nuclear weapons.

Moscow asked Pyongyang to provide information on a realistic time frame of denuclearization if such a proposal they are interested in. It is unclear what happened next, and talks. The U.S. state Department, the CIA or the Russian Embassy in Washington until this information does not comment.

However their secrets with North Korea conducted not only Russia. So, the last ten years, us intelligence officials secretly met with North Korean colleagues. Hidden communication channel helped the release of detained citizens of both countries and to organize a meeting between US President Donald trump with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

What is the situation with the disarmament of the DPRK?

The first meeting between Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN on this issue was held in Singapore on 12 June 2018. According to its results, the parties adopted a joint Declaration stating the readiness of the DPRK to the complete denuclearization. In response, the US pledged to provide Pyongyang with security guarantees. At the end of July on the North Korean polygon Plow began the demolition of industrial buildings and dismantling of the stand for tests of rocket engines. In addition, in may, the DPRK has dismantled its main nuclear test site “, Pungere”. Also in September, Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In have agreed that the DPRK to dismantle missile range “Tongan” and allow international observers there to monitor.