In Facebook and Instagram will open online stores due to service Shops

В Facebook и Instagram откроются интернет-магазины благодаря сервису Shops

The Internet giant Facebook made a major new breakthrough in the field of electronic Commerce. Facebook and Instagram are now given the opportunity to small and medium businesses to create their own free showcase as part of the service Shops. These Internet shops that will work on third party platforms (including Shopify, BigCommerce and Woo) are integrated into the social network as the new platform for shopping online.

CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg said in a live broadcast that the e-Commerce market will be of great importance to the beginning of economic recovery during a pandemic coronavirus: “If you are physically unable to open your shop or restaurant, you can still make the orders online and send them to people. We are seeing many employers who have never had an online business for the first time in the area of sales via Internet”.

The launch of a new service Shops comes from a surge in the number of sales of goods and services companies operating in the field of electronic Commerce, which in turn is due to the quarantine anti-COVID-19. The pandemic has been devastating for small businesses: in a survey conducted by Facebook at a round table, a third of small businesses reported that they ceased operations. Another 11 percent say they can fail in the next three months if current conditions persist.

For the past two months, Internet sales have become a “light at the end of the tunnel” for many businessmen. On the platform Etsy, for example, where entrepreneurs are lone worked hard over the manufacture of fabric face masks and baking of confectionery products on sale, revenue has doubled compared to figures from three years ago. Facebook is betting that the involvement of more local companies in the Internet will help them survive and create new opportunities for the social network.

While creating your online store will be a free service, the service essentially provides the company with Facebook new customers in the field of advertising, payments and other services. A small business buys ads for their shops, and when the user has issued an order – Facebook will charge him a fee.

Zuckerberg said that the service Shops would improve the standard experience of web Commerce, payment storing user credentials in one place, which they can then use at any storefront Facebook or Instagram. Currently, more than 160 million small businesses use the company applications.

Companies will be able to solve the problems of customer via Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Ultimately, Facebook plans to allow users to browse directories of stores and make purchases directly from the chat window. It is also planned to include the ability to purchase products directly during the streams, allowing brands and account holders to mark the goods from their catalogs Facebook that will be displayed under the video.

Facebook is also working on the integration of loyalty programs with shops. “You can easily see and track your points and awards”, – is spoken in the message of the company in the blog. “We are studying ways to help small businesses to create, manage and use loyalty program to Facebook Shops”.

Service Facebook Shops will begin its work today in the United States, and Instagram will appear this summer. Instagram will show the brands to the existing account, which has already allocated available for purchase products. Later this year, Instagram plans to add a special shopping tab in the navigation panel of the application.

В Facebook и Instagram откроются интернет-магазины благодаря сервису Shops

В Facebook и Instagram откроются интернет-магазины благодаря сервису Shops