In Facebook commented on the foreign interference in the protests in the United States

В Facebook прокомментировали иностранное вмешательство в протесты в США

The company said it is actively seeking foreign intervention

The company Facebook Inc said on Friday that has no evidence of facts of a coordinated foreign intervention in protests in the United States. Promotions are held throughout the country since the beginning of last week.

The head of the cybersecurity company Nathaniel Gleicher stated that he would like to caution people from jumping to conclusions without clear evidence of foreign interference.

“We are actively seeking and have not yet found a foreign intervention… aimed at these protests,” he said.

About a possible foreign intervention earlier, said U.S. attorney General William Barr. He said that some foreign groups are in the social media disinformation campaign, similar to those conducted by Russia during the presidential election in 2016, to sow discord among Americans.

“Some foreign hackers and groups associated with foreign governments, focusing on this specific situation that we have going on here and trying to sharpen it in all possible ways,” said Barr.

Previously the social network Facebook has closed a few extremely radical groups which participants were encouraged to bear arms at a protest in the United States.

В Facebook прокомментировали иностранное вмешательство в протесты в США