In fact, it is unknown how many state-owned property rental – Deputy Minister

На самом деле неизвестно, сколько государственного имущества, сдаваемого в аренду - заместитель министра

The situation with state property that is for rent, very sad. Actually still no one knows how many the state does is in the ownership of such property. Not only the property which belongs to the Central office, but also the property community property or state enterprises.

In an interview for ZN.UA said Maxim Nefedov, Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine. In his opinion, the different organs must submit to the Fund of state property information about real property in their possession. SPF, in turn, have to expose these objects to the contests that are declared only in case of participation, they received at least two bids.

“But they basically never come, because to apply, must at least know about the contest. If two applicants were not, competition will not occur, and the object is leased for a nominal cost. All this complicated procedure defined by the Law of Ukraine “On lease of state property.” The total list of properties that can theoretically give the state lease does not exist, – said the official. – Once, in the days Bilous, SPF lecturing briefly, and then removed from the site database of the leases. From this base, we know that as of April 2017 in the SPF was signed on 19 thousand leases 7 million square meters of real estate, and the total carrying value of this property amounted to 16.3 billion. Profit from this rental, to be honest, I’m ashamed to call, because it is smaller in terms of utility payments paid on these objects”.

The Deputy Minister said that the quality of this information is very low. Yes, there are lease contracts from the 90-ies of the last century, the number of errors in the database were just huge. In addition, there are a large number of state-owned property leased at all because of the lack of funds for evaluation, the complexity of procedures, lack of wanting to do it. And even having such a desire is quite difficult under the current procedure to organize everything transparently and quickly.

“What’s this property going on, nobody understands. By the way, as property of the state enterprises. Some of these leases are held via the state property Fund, part – no. Why? Unknown. Sometimes SPF, against the will of the balance sheet, the lease extends. On what grounds? Also unclear. Generally, when you begin to understand this question, clutching his head. The risk of corruption is huge. Someone with whom to negotiate, behind the scenes, opaque, unclear why, says Nefedov. – It is not even about the fact that the budget is something they will not receive. The problem is that this situation is very much dominates the market. Are created frankly a non-market work, and create their state. What is the meaning of the owner to pay the market price rent for the property, for example, the capital if he can agree for cash to sit in the premises of any public authority? It distorts fair business environment. According to our assumptions, in General, of objects of state property, which shall or may appear in the lease, 7 and 20 to 25 million square meters. This whole cities real estate. Which no one does anything at all, because the square footage is somewhere out there through third parties shall sobrenatural”.

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