In Fortnite appeared an opportunity to call the dead teammates

В Fortnite появилась возможность вызывать мертвых товарищей по команде

Now gamers have the right to change the online ID for the PlayStation Network.

In the world of video games has been a tremendous change. Gamers in Fortnite can now call the dead teammates in certain places on the maps after you restart the van. Representatives of Sony are saying that the changes will affect most of the games developed in 2018 and later. However, in some shooters the transformation can cause errors, data loss, and acquired firearms. Today every gamer has the right to change the name Fortnite, but it can lead to unexpected and undesirable consequences. Do I need to take such a step, the user will have to decide for yourself.

Fortnite lovers enthusiastically took the news about the changes. To bring back dead teammates users can within 90 seconds after receiving the card, which will appear in place of restarting the destroyed corpse of a gamer. New features the game resembles a shooter Apex Legend, created by the Studio Respawn Entertainment.

Fortnite is a survival simulator, in which participants compete for the right to stay under the Sun. In this game, the gamers overcome obstacles, collect various items, fight and construct.