In France, a lost kitten returned home on the train

Во Франции потерявшийся котенок вернулся домой на поезде

Tricolor kitten has noticed on a railway track inspector train Guillaume Chueca. To ward off the animal when it did not, the Frenchman took him to a nearby grove of trees away from the station.

“But the stubborn cat went behind me and began to climb into the train, – said the radio station France Guillaume Blue. – I decided to take the baby with you and figure out what to do with it when we get to man”.

According to the controller, Noisette – absolutely fearless cat. The whole trip she was calm and confident, sat in his place, looking around and really wasn’t afraid of anything. Upon arrival Guillaume published photographs and wrote about the unusual passenger on his Twitter page: “This morning at the station Wwwr went here a passenger. This kitten has already passed the internship with a train driver and will be happy to find his family.”

At the station, the man brave kitten fed, caressed and waited for a response from social networks. “This kitty is a real Princess,” admitted the employees of the national railway company of France is SNCF.

To find the owner of Noisette helped attentive users. One of them compared the message about the foundling in the Twitter announcement about finding a kitten in Facebook and reported it to station staff. The hostess called, and she immediately came for your beloved pet.

Во Франции потерявшийся котенок вернулся домой на поезде