In France arrested the artist Pavlensky and his girlfriend after posting the dirt on a local politician

Во Франции задержали художника Павленского и его подругу после публикации компромата на местного политика

In France, law enforcement agencies detained a Russian artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky and his girlfriend. This happens on the background of the scandal with the publication Pavlensky intimate correspondence of Benjamin Grivot is one of the main contenders for the post of mayor of Paris.

After appearing in the network of compromising Hryvnia was forced to withdraw his candidacy, and he Pavlensky said he would publish similar information continue to dispel hypocrisy. Soon, they took him into custody, but technically in another case – on the night of January 1, he stabbed two people with not yet well understood circumstances. It is known that the water Polo players when it was hit with a bottle on the head.

The next day was apprehended and his girlfriend. The consequence considers, what exactly she got from Hryvnia intimate conversation, and then gave it to the Russians. I suspect its in invasion of privacy and illegal duplication of legally protected information, according to BFM. The investigation is underway.