In France arrested the visitor to the restaurant, shot the waiter for a sandwich

Во Франции задержан посетитель ресторана, застреливший официанта из-за сэндвича

In France arrested the customer of the restaurant, shot the waiter due to the fact that his sandwich was not cooked quickly enough.

According to AFP, the detainee 34-the summer man and have previously had problems with the law, he was involved in the cases of use of firearms and drugs.

The murder was committed on Friday in the Mistral restaurant in the Eastern Paris suburb of noisy-Le-Grand. The suspect then fled the scene, and immediately arrest him failed.

Ambulance crews tried to save her critically injured 28-year-old waiter, but he died at the scene.

His colleagues told police that the client lost his temper because of the long wait for my order in the school, which serves pizza and sandwiches.

Murder is not a joke, shocked local residents and employees of nearby institutions, writes postimees.

“It’s a quiet restaurant without any problems. It opened a few months ago”, – told reporters the 29-year-old resident of noisy-Le-Grand.

Some residents say that the area had recently witnessed a new wave of crime, and the streets were more likely to sell drugs and to drink alcohol.