In France at a chemical plant caused major fire, the authorities have closed schools and kindergartens

Во Франции на химическом заводе произошел крупный пожар, власти закрыли школы и садики

A fire at a chemical plant, the French authorities have closed schools and kindergartens in 13 cities near Rouen.

Tests of pollution of air and water in the Seine river, reports DW.

In the French city of Rouen in the night of Thursday, September 26, there was a major fire at a chemical plant, according to local authorities. Messages on victims. For about 200 firefighters continue to fight the fire. The cause of the fire becomes clear.

The fire broke out at the Lubrizol plant, which produces specialty chemicals for the transportation, industrial and consumer markets. The fire in 13 towns and villages near the plant were closed schools and kindergartens. Local authorities reported that the initial analysis revealed no “acute toxicity” in the air.

A Terrifying sight of a fire after after massive explosions at the Lubrizol plant that manufactures very toxic chemicals in my home city of Rouen. – Nicolas Delaunay (@Gershwin12) 26 Sep 2019

According to the Minister of internal Affairs of France Christoph Castaner, “there is no element that causes us to believe that the smoke is harmful”, the radio station RTL. However, people are encouraged to remain indoors and stay as far away from the fire.

Incendie en cours à Lubrizol Rouen. – Elise Kergal (@EliseKergal) 26 Sep 2019

The Prefecture has warned people about the need to wash hands, and vegetables and fruits. Also there will be further chemical analyses of the air and measures are taken to prevent the ingress of chemicals into the river Seine, which runs through Rouen. “We are still struggling with fire, there is a risk that contamination could get into the Seine,” – said prefect Pierre-andré Durand, the TV channel BFMTV.