In France may 1, took to the streets of more than 160 thousand protesters

Во Франции 1 мая на улицы вышли более 160 тысяч протестующих

The traditional may day demonstration on may 1 in France turned into performances of “yellow jackets,” and now considered. that it was precisely their performances, because they are intertwined with may day demonstrations.

In France, according to police estimates, the day took to the streets about 164 thousand people. Other estimates of participants in the demonstrations and protestov were more than 310 thousand. It is believed that in Paris the streets were more than 28 thousand people, but according to other people were more than 40 thousand, according to Le Figaro.

280 people were arrested, because not without riots, broken glass and vandalism. 24 protesters and 14 officers were slightly injured, although one of the policemen was shot in the head, and he was hospitalized in a relatively serious condition.

In regionah was quite crowded, but quiet. According to official figures, the demonstrations outside the capital in the demonstration was attended by about 7,000 people in Bordeaux, 6200, Lyon, Marseille, 5500, 3400 in Nantes in Montpellier 2400, 2100 in Besancon, 1600 in Strasbourg, 1500 to 1000 in Lille or Rennes. The most notable incident occurred in besançon, where a group of about 200 protesters tried to break into a police station.

Interior Minister Christoph Kastner said the day was “stolen by the violence of the few”, explaining that radical protesters turned a peaceful demonstration in hooliganism. He called the number the most radical: from 800 to 100, and it is they, against peacefully marching and protesting, destroying everything, trying to cause as much mess.

“They stole stole trade Union organizations of their international workers day and mobilization”, – said Kastner. However, police said that overall the protests were quite peaceful, compared to previous riots.