In France new protests: detained about 700 students

У Франції нові протести: затримали близько 700 школярів

In addition, due to the protests were blocked for 45 schools

Thursday, 6 December, France hosted the so-called school protests, which were attended by thousands of students.

As informs “New time” with reference to AFP, in many cities, demonstrations turned into riots and clashes with police, which had arrested about 700 high school students.

In addition, due to the protests were blocked 45 educational institutions, the work of more than 200 have been violated.

The discontent of the students was caused by the reform of secondary education pursued by the government. It provides, in particular, the tightening of eligibility criteria for applicants, as well as a possible reduction of teachers.

Earlier the country was a wave of mass protests over the government’s decision to raise fuel prices. It was reported that the protests have already killed a third person.

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that he understands the anger of the people, but did not intend to abandon reforms. While the government has reflected on the state of emergency in order to avoid more violence.