In France, telling new details about her job secret Russian units in Syria

Во Франции рассказывают новые детали о работе секретных Российских подразделениях в Сирии

Controlled by Russian foreign intelligence Service secret unit of special forces “Barrier”, for several years, conducts its operations in Syria to protect Russians and the official representatives of the Syrian government, according to the historian Matteo Paxton.

According to the author of the article Paxton, a special unit was created in 1998. Their goal is to protect Russian citizens and institutions abroad. Also the author claims that the Russian government does not recognize the existence of the unit, also noticing the size of the detachment, which varies from 280 to 500 people.

The historian also notices a number of events related to the presence and specific actions of units. Paxton notes the retrospective 2003 in Iraq – the last days of Saddam Hussein, also in 2013, the evacuation of important documents from Syria, in addition and not spared the author and the year of 2015 in which Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict.

This article should be taken very ambiguously for a number of reasons, one of which took place in another region, namely in the UK – the incident in Salisbury. Details are only of a generalized nature, even in the presence of dates, but at the same time without clear statements and concretization on the part of witnesses.

The important fact is to protect citizens and representatives of Russia, which is a necessary factor, but not necessarily should be the secret services that only produces an increased waste of resources. The presence of Russia in Syria due to the legitimate nature and does not violate national law of the country because of the request of the legitimate government for help, despite the controversy during a meeting of the UN security Council a resolution in April 2018.

The question of the existence and presence of these units will remain insoluble without the key evidence, and as the Syrian conflict and immediate resolution with Russia, it is excluded because of the relations of the Russian Federation in the part side of the support weapons, equipment and humanitarian aid that actually eliminates the involvement in open armed involvement.