In France the mayor of the city, became the first woman-transgender

Во Франции мэром города впервые стала женщина-трансгендер

Marie had elected “almost unanimously”.

In France, the Council of the commune Tiwa-Le-Marchan almost unanimously elected the new mayor transgender woman To Marie.

55-year-old candidate has delivered a programme of environmental conservation and local economic development. She was the first in France, the mayor-an open transgender, reports the BBC.

Marie Ko, by education an agricultural engineer, asked everyone to call her “Madam mayor”.

Tiwa-Le-Marsan is a town with a population of about 600 people North-East of the country, near the border with Belgium.

Municipal elections were held in March and brought victory to the list of “Deciding Together”, in which he ran and Marie Ko. The mayor Tiwa-Le-Marsan is elected not by citizens directly, and 15 members of the Council of the municipality, 14 of which on Saturday voted To.