In “Gazprom” there was a scandal over stolen pipe

В "Газпроме" разгорелся скандал из-за украденной трубы

In the Leningrad region of Russia in March after checking of the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case into the theft of 700 million rubles ($10.5 million) in the construction of the pipeline.

The subject of the controversial contract between OOO “Gazprom invest” (a subsidiary of OJSC “Gazprom”) and OOO “omega” was the construction of the gas pipeline to the city of Priozersk in the Leningrad region worth nearly 2 billion rubles.

According to the Prosecutor of the Leningrad region, is now completed only the first phase of the pipeline, with omega, OOO received on their accounts 1.7 billion rubles for allegedly completed work in the period from November 2012 to March 2016.

The media got the recording from a closed meeting with managers of “Gazprom” where the top Manager Sergey Prozorov has criticized his subordinates.

According to him, although the facility is being built on the personal instructions of the head of the Board Alexey Miller, the company’s management has not solved the problem in time and “admitted shame.”

Prozorov said that during the inspection in the Leningrad region had experienced “such an inconvenience, the discomfort and disorder.”

“That’s a shame that you have made in the theft of the pipe. I can’t understand your further actions. Why still not remove the potential problem that will steal her remains? Why sit and wait?!” – said a top Manager of “Gazprom”.

В "Газпроме" разгорелся скандал из-за украденной трубы