In Georgia, stopped broadcasting opposition TV channel from-for threats of the pogrom

В Грузии прекратил вещание оппозиционный телеканал из-за угроз погрома

Near the building of the TV channel was going to rally after the statements of the TV channel to Putin

The Georgian opposition channel “Rustavi-2” temporarily stopped broadcasting after threats of invasion and mayhem from the protesters gathered in front of the channel. This was stated in the statement of the leadership of “Rustavi-2”, perelaet RBC-Ukraine.

General Director Nika Gvaramia added that journalists in danger. He was referring to the protest, which held at the building of the TV company. It is reported that some of the participants urge to smash the TV channel.

The action began after leading the final weekly program Giorgi Gabunia, appealed to Russian President Vladimir in Russian and in his speech used obscene language.

The General Director of “Rustavi 2” Nika Gvaramia apologized to viewers and promised to take action against the author of a controversial monologue. In this the participants need to Gabunia apologized for his words and was dismissed. The part came and all insisted that the TV presenter had left the country, and Gvaramia was removed from the control channel.

The first person in Georgia regarded the act of the journalist as a “provocative act” and “destabilization attempt”. So, the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili has condemned the situation with the lead.

“Patriotism is something else, and the interests of the country are not aggressive, destabilizing and chaotic. Our path is the path of peace, our perspective – Europe is our strength – stability. The external incitement of confrontation and tension in the region is unacceptable from our side,” – said Zurabishvili.