In Germany at the factory revealed hundreds of cases of coronavirus

В Германии на мясокомбинате выявлены сотни случаев коронавируса

More than 400 employees of the slaughterhouse in the West of Germany contracted the coronavirus. Authorities are awaiting the results of 500 tests, and fear that the number of infected people will increase to the hundreds.

In Western Germany recorded an outbreak of the coronavirus in the slaughterhouse T?nnies, one of the largest in Europe, reported the German media on Wednesday, June 17. The district of gütersloh in the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia conducted a test on the coronavirus more than a thousand employees of the enterprise located in the city of Rheda-wiedenbrück. According to 17 June, were the results of the first tests 590, of which 395 were positive. During the day, they added another 20 cases of infection with coronavirus infection among employees identified regardless of testing.

The head of the district gütersloh Sven-Georg Adenauer (Sven-Georg Adenauer), believes that the results of the remaining five tests will be the same. All of the infected employees T?nnies sent on a two-week quarantine, most of them have no symptoms. The company has suspended work for two weeks.

To prevent further spread of the infection, the district gütersloh has decided to close until June 26, all schools and kindergartens resumed from 15 June the daily work. The restaurants and sports facilities, presumably, will continue to work, writes the local newspaper Haller Kreisblatt.

In the company’s management suggest that the infection could enter the employees who after the lifting of restrictions went home to visit their families and relatives. A significant part of employed in a slaughterhouse employees come from Eastern Europe. According to the management, as a result of tests conducted by the company from 10 to 18 may, among 6,400, there were no cases of coronavirus.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in meat processing plants

The meat industry in Germany employs about 200 thousand people, including large numbers of workers from Eastern Europe, who often have only the contract and live in cramped dormitories.

Starting in may, in the meat packing plants in the Federal States of North Rhine – Westphalia, lower Saxony, Baden-württemberg and Schleswig-Holstein by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infected hundreds of people.