In Germany handed out free electric cars through subsidies

В Германии бесплатно раздают электрокары благодаря субсидиям

The monthly payment amount to a few tens of euros.

In Europe, the new electric car can now be purchased significantly cheaper thanks to new subsidies. In Germany, for example, the discount was increased to 9 thousand euros for cars that are not more expensive than 40 thousand euros (727,5 thousand rubles and of 3.23 million RUB respectively).

According BloombergNEF, the local car dealer network Autohaus Koenig is now able to offer electric car Renault Zoe lease at virtually no cost.

At Autohaus Koenig has more than 50 dealerships across the country. 20 days about three thousand people have requested a car, and about three hundred made a deal. “If we had more staff we would have sold even more,” explained Wolfgang Huber, head of sales of electric vehicles in the company.

Among European countries, the leader in the amount of subsidies for the purchase of electric cars is Croatia (up to 9 297 Euro), afterwards settled down in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and France.

It is noted that in France, where the government has increased subsidies to 7 thousand euros for the car this year, customers can rent Zoe from 79 euros per month. In Germany the electric Smart EQ can be taken for 9.9 euros per month, and the monthly payment for Zoe will be 29 or 59 euros.

The range of the Renault Zoe is 400 kilometers. The car is offered with two motors on a choice – by 108 HP and 135 HP the Most powerful version can accelerate to 100 km/h in less than ten seconds.

Earlier in Russia the government approved a 25% discount on the purchase of electric cars produced in the country. However, to use it is impossible, because these machines are not produced in Russia.

Speaking of electric cars. Recently, a new electrocreaser from Skoda noticed on the roads without camouflage. And crossover the BMW X3 made electric.

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